The Bali Incentive Book is continually expanding its distribution network and is aiming to sell no less than 100,000 copies throughout 2017.  Here is where you can purchase the Bali Incentive Book:


Already, many tourists are ordering their copy of the Bali Incentive Book through our website.  By filling in the online form and paying with a credit card, tourists can request their book be delivered to their hotel or villa right before they arrive in Bali.  Expats are also taking up this opportunity and requesting the book be delivered to their homes.


Any business in Bali is eligible to sell the Bali Incentive Book.  There is hot demand from our advertisers to sell the book that they feature in.  It is also an opportunity to get an immediate return on their investment as there is a 100.000 Rp profit margin for sellers on each book.  There are up to 200 advertisers in the 2017 Bali Incentive Book, which is an extensive distribution network on its own.  Add to that the many retailers that want to sell the Bali Incentive Book, but are not advertising with us this year.


Ngurah Rai Taxi drivers and Blue Bird Taxi drivers will carry the Bali Incentive Book and make it available to every passenger.  That means that foreigners arriving at Ngurah Rai Airport can buy the book as soon as they arrive in Bali.  Tourists often ask taxi drivers for recommendations, and there is a 100.000 Rp incentive for taxi drivers to sell the book to their customers.  That means that any visitor to Bali can access and buy the Bali Incentive Book.


Tourist Information Services and flyer services rely heavily on commissions for profit.  The Bali Incentive Book offers them an excellent profit margin for very little effort.  Instead of giving a visitor a handful of brochures for free, they can up sell them the Bali Incentive Book and make 100,000 Rp per sale.


Street and beach hawkers operate on opportunistic sales.  They can offer substantial discounts to tourists in the form of the Bali Incentive Book, and make 100,000 Rp on the sale of every book.  A hawker selling 10 books per day will generate a month’s income in two days.


Bali Incentive Book is committed to furthering the social, community, economic and environmental outcomes of Bali.  One of the ways we contribute is by advertising 20 yayasans (charitable services) in the Bali Entertainment Book each year.  They can sell the Book from their stores and outlets and make a 100,000 Rp profit on every sale.  They can generate a reliable income stream through our product and your advertisement.  Not only will the advertised yayasans be selling the Bali Incentive Book; any yayasan looking for additional revenue can be a retailer.


The Bali Incentive Book Team has been negotiating distribution channels in other countries, including Australia, India, The Netherlands and the UK.  We have also been speaking to book stores in international airports with a view to setting them up as retail outlets in 2018.


If you would like to sell the Bali Incentive Book from your business, please fill out the form below and hit “Submit.” We will arrange for a representative to contact you about how many books you would like us to deliver. Note that you will need to purchase a minimum of 10 books per order to be classified as a distributor and to qualify for the wholesale price.